Set Make Up Oil + Face & Body Tonic

2 x 150 ml

100% Natural Oil For tanning and highlighting body.


For your best natural tan possible you’ll get darker, quicker than ever before and shine immediately.


Deepest tan and glow.


All in one Tanning oil, Highlighter, Bronzing oil, Shimmer, Oil for solarium, Every day skin care.


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More details about Set Make Up Oil + Face & Body Tonic


Natural, organic ingredients for beautiful skin bronze glow.



You can use Glow Brown oil and tonic with glossy mica glitter every day throughout the year to complement your glow and make your skin bronze.



Deepest tan and glow.

Glow Brown makes your skin glowy and soft with just a single drop.



Completely natural collection that delivers instantly, healthy bronze glowing skin.



Oil and tonic can be used by people with the most sensitive skin.



Our oils contain no harmful chemicals, genetically modified components, preservatives, parabens or artificial colors.



A specially created natural formula that leaves a lavish impression on the skin, the skin is glowing.



Glow Brown oil and tonic leave a bronze glow on the skin that is adaptable to all skin types from a lighter complexion to darker skin tones.



Our Glow Brown oil and tonic are certified and dermatologically tested, we only use organic and natural ingredients from an ISO 22716 GMP GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE certified supplier.

We only use mica glitter particles that are 30-40% softer and finer than regular commercial plastic sequins.



Use them on your face, decolte, shoulders, legs, and any other body parts you want to highlight.


Results visible immediately.




Shine all year long.

Natural gold shimmer and oil gives skin a sun- kissed glow.



 Just shake the bottle 5 seconds before use to activate the gold bronze powder.



Our 100% natural collection contains only organic ingredients, and all products are suitable for all skin types.



The products have been dermatologically tested and can be used by people with extremely sensitive skin.



In use, we avoid odors, use degradable and locally sourced toxins-free raw materials, and avoid animal-tested ingredients.



Cosmetics suitable for all skin types, for all ages, suitable for pregnant women and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.



All in one Tanning oil, Highlighter, Bronzing oil, Shimmer, Oil for solarium, Every day skin care. For face and body care and beauty bronze glow.

  • Results visible immediately
  • Increases the production of high quality collagen in the skin
  • Restores life to dehydrated and damaged skin
  • Increases skin elasticity
  • Refreshes, moisturizes and vitalizes the skin
  • Keeps skin smooth, young and firm
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles